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"The films of Rrose Present are like haiku :precise, ambiguous, and deeply resonant."
"Rose's films are precisely honest. Their power derives from the juxtaposition of crisply evocative rhythms and imagery that is both personal and deep. The overall form of many of them is to begin the entertainment of thinking in one direction and then shift direction to carve a precise shape in thought. The levels of introspection this creates are like the stages in discourse.The complexity of the relationship between the direction of thought and the rhythms that propel it are wonderful."

Daniel Barnett (writer, and experimental filmmaker)

"Les vidéos de Rrose Present – un clin d’oeil à Duchamp – sont courtes et allusives. A travers elles, l'artiste nous
fait jeter un regard critique, amusé et sensible sur nos modes de fonctionnement. En ce sens Rose ne fait pas
seulement un art critique, avec la lourdeur que cela implique trop souvent, mais un art qui provoque la réflexion,
qui rend "pensif", à travers la prise de distance..."
Yves Michaud , Critique d'art et philosophe 2014

"La imagen es una forma de seguir caminando, aprendiendo de las imágenes que vienen a mi”.

For Synesthesy Gallery
Rrose Present is a Artist of Experimental Moving Images from Barcelona, formed in Philosophy, Fine Art and Audiovisual studies. She writes with light her "Visual Thought Notes" in which she investigates different areas of the image in its formal and dialogical relationship.
As the brain processes memories with images, Rrose processes with these her personal world, she digests (with images) the images that she receive from the neural network of the global brain and dialogue with the light of other authors:

Rrose Present es una Artista visual de Barcelona, formada en Filosofía, Arte, audiovisuales...
Escribe con luz sus “apuntes de pensamiento visual” en los que investiga distintos ámbitos de la imagen en su relación formal y dialógica.
Tal y como el cerebro procesa su memoria con imágenes, Rrose procesa con estas su mundo más personal, digiere (con imágenes) las imágenes que recibe de la red neuronal del cerebro global y dialoga con la luz de otros autores.

Rrose Present was born in Barcelona where she graduated in Fine Arts for the UB. Beca Séneca audio-visual UPV. She also holds a Masters degree in Philosophy of Contemporary Art from the UAB.
Rrose combines experimental video, curated and a reflection theoretical about the image .She works the images from a double sense / meaning of the reality: the PRESENTIAL (camera in hand) using the body as a tripod for her emotions, and the RE-PRESENTATION with the NET Found Footage to digest the images of the GLOBAL ARCHIVE with the series "video 'without-camera"' reinterprets 'camera-world' .
From very conceptual beginnings her work leaves the literalness of the images to penetrate into the medial and formal experimentation closer to positions in the language of experimental cinema.

Distrubutor: The Filmakers Cooperative NYC

FESTIVALS & Screenings
2021 PANORAMA International Cine Experimental / videoart VOL # 3 Visual Container TV Curator: Muriel Paraboni, Brazil
2021 EXPERIMENTS IN CINEMA online edition Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (next)
2021 TRAVESE VIDÉO, Rencontres Internationales CINEMATHEQUE of Toulouse, FRANCE (next)
2021- 10e édition FESTIVAL OODAAQ 2021 Rennes, FRANCE (next)
2020 Proyecto: ARXIPÈLAG, Homenatge a DONES CINEASTES - Mostra Films de Dones, ZUMZEIG Cinema, Barcelona
2020 “In Solidarity - Protest Films in a Time of Crisis” The Filmmakers Cooperative NYC - Vimeo PROGRAM 1
2020 DOBRA Festival Internacional Cinema Experimental,Museo de Arte Moderno, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
, VI Muestra Internacional de Videoarte y Cine Experimental, Medillin, Colombia
2019 INTERMEDIACIONES, VI Muestra Internacional de Videoarte y Cine Experimental, Medillin,
2019 DOBRA Festival Internacional Cinema Experimental,Museo de Arte Moderno, Rio de
2019 INDIVIDUAL Screening - Deranged Presents (2): The light of the dialogue, Rrose Present
SYNESTHESIA Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, New York
2019 program Designed Reminiscence Vol.2, organized by Alex Faoro, Al's Cinematheque and Synestesia Art Galllery Brloklin, NYC
2019 WMMINT Offficial Selection We Make Movies International FILM Festival, Los Angeles
2019 WVSFF West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival, USA
2019 April, AXW Another eXperiment by Women Film Fest Screening “Entitled” in Anthology Film Archives, NYC 2019 April, Festival Oodaaq, IMAGES NOADES & POÉTIQUES, Saint-Malo, Rennes, France
2019 FUSION OF HORIZONS: Daniel Barnett & Rrose Present Screening, FLUX Club l'Antic Teatre, Barcelona 2018 DOBRA Festival Internacional de CINE EXPERIMENTAL, Cinemateca Museu, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2018 LES INATTENDUS 11 Festival de films (très) Indépendedants. Ville de LYON, France
2018 Festival Images Contre Nature, Programa Perception, Marseille, France
2018 Espacio público en MOMENTUM II, Festival Fonlad, Convento de San Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal
2018 Festival Encuentro NODOCCS, selección Políticas y Imágenes, Rrose Present, La Hormigonera, Barcelona -
LIVING REALITY" Curated by Lili
White,New Filmmakers NY Anthology Film Archives NYC
2018 Festival Les Inattendus, Festival de films (très) indepéndants, La Ville de Lyon, France
2018 aDifferent Festival / aCinema // Program Installations Indépendedants, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Usa
2018 NEW YEAR, NEW WORKS 2018 The Film-Makers' Cooperative screening, New York, NYC
2017 Selección l'Alternativa Hall, Festival de Cienma Independent de Barcelona, CCCB, Barcelona
2017 Woman Body Selfie Experiment (Curatorial Text introduction of the show & video) WEB ART CENTER and FONLAD FESTIVAL, Portugal
Programa AXWFF (USA) Curadoria de Lili white
2017 "Projecte Arxipèlag, homenatge col·lectiu cineastes" Mostra Internacional Films de Dones, La Bonne, Barcelona -
2017 DOBRA Festival Internacional de CINE EXPERIMENTAL, Cinemateca Museu de Arte Moderna MAM/RJ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 
2017 ESPACIO ENTER Festival Internacional Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital, TEA, Canarias, España -Canarias - 2017  Progr. MERGE TO INFINITY, Curated by Lili White , AXW Anothe Experiment by Women Film Festival, New Filmmakers NY Anthology Film Archives NYC  -
2017 Progr. REPLAY FROM GREENPOINT, Curated by Lili White, AXW Anothe Experiment by Women Film Festival, New Filmmakers NY Anthology Film Archiv es NY C  -
AXW Another Experiment by Women Film Festival, Curated by Lili White, New Filmmakers NY Anthology Film Archives, NYC -
2017 Festival Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France -
2017 CRATER_LAB, Dones que donen llum a l'ombra, Barcelona -
2017 Ephesus Video Art Program Screening / Andana, Turquia –
2017 Ephesus Video Art Program / Efes Video Sanatı Program, Büyük Efes Sanat Gallery, Izmir, Turquia  -
2017 aDifferent festival Program 1 // Incarnations:A Series of Beginnings,  Miwaukee,  Wisconsin, l United States -
WORKS 2017 The Film-Makers' Cooperative screening of work recently put into distribution, NYC -  2016 FLUX 2016- 2017 Festival Vídeo de Autor, Sesión Monogràfica RROSE PRESENT , producción Autorretrato "TEXTures d'un camí" + Texto crítico YVES MICHAUDFLUX, ARTS SANTA MÒNICA, Barcelona –
2016 ESPACIO ENTER, Festival International Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital TEA,
Espacio de las Artes, Tenerife, Canarias - 2016 TIME IS LOVE 9 [Show 6] International video art program, DIGITAL MARRAKECH 5, Marrakech,  Morocco – 2016 Efes Video Programı | Ephesus Video Art Program Pera Müzesi-Museum, Estambul, Turquía – 2016 EJECT V FESTIVAL international DE VIDEO PERFORMANCE de la CIUDAD DE MEXICO – 2016 VIDEOFEST, Biennal Internacional de Vídeo y Cine Contemporáneo Biennal Baja California, México – 2016 Festival INSTANTS VIDÉO Numériques et Poétiques Marseilla, France – 2016 NODOCCS, II Festival Video Arte, Centro de Arte el Hatillo, Caracas, Venezuela - 2016 Program I "REFUGEE!" Film Collection, curator Wilfried Agricola De Cologne Festival x-24 @ Gainsborough / England, UK  - 2016 FESTIVAL MIDEN 2016, Program BECKETT ME curated by Gioula Papadopoulou Kalamata, GREECE – 2016 TIME IS LOVE 9 [Show 5] International video art program in SPECTRUM FESTIVAL, Villach,  AUSTRIA - IMAGES CONTRE NATURE, Program SENSE 2016  P'SILO Assossiation, Marseille, France - 2016 TIME IS LOVE 9 [Show 4] International video art, MUR NOMADE Gallery HON KONG, CHINA -  2016 VIDEOsPAIN Itinerancias Transvisuales, CCEM - Centro Cultural de España en México – 2016 LOOP Festival Exhibition Galeria H2O HFM#22 Barcelona -  2016 ZUMZEIG Cinema, Barcelona, colaboración Galeria H2O proyección cortos – ADAF 2016 Athens Digital Arts Festival -  2016 VIDEOsPAIN TRANSVISUAL CROSSINGS, Atenas, Grecia – 2016 CINEAUTOPSIA| Bogotá Experimental Film Festival Bogotá, Colombia -  2016 EPHESUS STREET VIDEO ART SCREENING International Video Art Screening in Selcuk, Turkey, 2015 STRANGLOSCOPE, OND GENDER Experimental Audio, Film/Video FEMININE BEY Performance Festival, BRASIL – 2016 TIME IS LOVE 9 [Show 3] International video art GALERIE DE LA VOÛTE, Paris, Francia – 20116 CARTOGRAFÍAS CORPORALES, Festival EJECT Curaduría: Monserrat Maruri y Tayra Araujo. CENTRO DE CULTURA DIGITAL Ciudad de México – 2016 FLUX CLUB, Organiza HABITUAL VIDEO TEAM a l'ANTIC TEATRE; Barcelona – 2016 TIME IS LOVE 9 [Show 2] International video art program LIST I LJOSI LIGHT FESTIVAL, ICELAND - 2016 ZUMZEIG Cinema, Barcelona, colaboración Galeria H2O proyección cortos – 2016 NEW YEAR, NEW WORKS 2016 screening The Film-Makers' Cooperative NYC - TIME IS LOVE International video art program PLATEAU GALLERY - BERLIN – 2016 COLOGNE OFF Program "Never More! Hiroshima-Fukushima" & "REFUGEE!"- Cec INDIA 2016 – 2016  MADATAC Muestra de Arte Audiovisual Digital y Tecnologías Contemporáneas, MADRID – 2015 STREAMING Festival Video Art, Nederland, 2015 FLUX Festival Vídeo de Autor - ARTS SANTA MÒNICA, Barcelona -  2015 AXW , ANOTHER EXPERIMENT NYC by WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL- POLITICAL UNREST curated by LILI WHITE , Courthouse Theater @ Anthology Film Archives, NYC, EEUU -  2015 VIDEOsPAIN, Itinerant Spanish Video Art Program (AECID) Centro Cultural España LIMA, Peru – 2015  CINE TORO Festival Internacional de Experimentación COLOMBIA – 2015 NODOCCS Muestra Internacional Videoarte, Caracas, VENEZUELA -  2015 MAGMART International Videoart Festival, ITALIA - AXW , ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL, NYC, EEUU -  2015 VIDEOFOCUS, Stigmart10 Videobiennale  videoartists and independent filmmakers 2015 -  2015 II Festival Internacional de Video y Film Experimental “Proceso de Error” , VALPARAISO, CHILE  -   ESPACIO ENTER, International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture, Canarias, Spain,  FIVA, 2014 Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Buenos Aires, Argentina -  MINIATURAS Festival, Sevilla, 2014 - INTERNATIONAL FILM POETRY FESTIVAL + the Institute [for Experimental Arts] Athens GREECE, 2014 -  VIDEOFEST 2014, BIENAL INTERNACIONAL VÍDEO Y CINE CONTEMPORÁNEO Baja California, México, 2014 - ARKIPEL International Documentary & Experimental FILM Festival Jakarta, Indonesia (Septiembre) 2014 -  “IDENTITAT NÒMADA”  monografic screening H2O Gallery , Barcelona 2014 – RIA, CologneOFF, in The Academy of Experimental Arts, INDIA, 2014 - FONLAD, Festival for digital arts, Portugal 2014 - LOOP The Moving Image City Festival, Gallery H2O Barcelona, 2014 - FONLAD, Festival for digital arts, 2014 -  FLUX, Festival Video de Autor. Individual presentation in Antic Teatre, Barcelona 2014 - INTERNATIONAL FILM POETRY FESTIVAL (Greece) 2013; - Finalist “Parallel dimensions” of “Grand Geyser” in H2O gallery, Barcelona, 2013 - MADATAC, Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual & New Media Art, MADRID, 2013, 2012 - BANG, Videoart of Barcelona, 2013 - VIDEOLOOKING, audiovisual & Live Performance, Barcelona, 2012 - CINETORO, Experimental Film, Colombia, 2012, 2013 - FIVA, Videoart, Buenos Aires, 2012 - Cologne OFF, Film Festival, Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum, Mexico, D.F. 2012 - FIVAC Festival of Videoart in Camagüey, CUBA, 2011, 2010, 2009 - ESPACIOENTER Festival of Experimental Image, Spain, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 - EJECT, Festival of Videoperformance, México D.F., 2012, 2010 - LOOP Video Art Festival of Barcelona, 2005.

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